November 29, 2014
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BSNL 2G 3G GPRS Internet Offers/Packs Updated 2014

BSNL 2G 3G GPRS Internet Offers/Packs Updated 2014

Some Changes To  BSNL 2G / GPRS Plans

New Plans
New 3G / 2G Data Plans from 29 September 2014

1 GB Data Offer worth Rs 177 for for 30 days
1.2 GB Data Offer worth Rs 231 for for 30 days

Last Updated : November 27 


Plan Details SMS Code MRP (Rs) Validity (Days)
90 MB 3G / 2G Data + 30 plus Channels by Apalya for 2 days Note:Channels will be available only if recharge done thru USSD menu of CTOPUP


DATA 14 14 2
200 MB 3G / 2G Data DATA40 40 7
450 MB 3G / 2G Data DATA78 78 14
650 MB 3G / 2G Data DATA98 98 19
1 GB 3G / 2G Data DATA139 139 20
1 GB 3G / 2G Data DATA155 155 28
1 GB 3G / 2G Data (New Data STV) DATA176 176 30
1.2 GB 3G / 2G Data (New Data STV) DATA231 231 30
2 GB 3G / 2G Data (New Data STV) DATA252 252 30
5 GB 3G / 2G Data (New Data STV) DATA561 561 30
7 GB 3G / 2G Data (New Data STV) DATA821 821 60
10 GB 3G / 2G Data (New Data STV) DATA1011 1011 30
20 GB 3G / 2G Data (New Data STV) DATA1949 1949 60

BSNL reduced validity of Rs.17 Plans and Decreased the data of Rs.98 Plans and REplaced Rs.139 Plan with Rs.145 Plan

Previous Updated : June 22  2014  ( Expired on 28 Sept 2014 )

Data STV in Rs.(Inclusive service Tax) Total bundled free Usage Validity of freebies (in days) Data Charges
after freebies
100 MB 2 2p/10KB
150 MB 4 2p/10KB
DATA 40 200 MB 7 2p/10KB
DATA 78 500 MB 15 2p/10KB
DATA 98 650 MB 21 2p/10KB
DATA 139 1 GB 21 2p/10KB
DATA 155 1 GB 30 2p/10KB
DATA 252 2 GB 30 2p/10KB
DATA 561 5 GB 30 2p/10KB
DATA 821 7 GB 60 2p/10KB
DATA 1011 10 GB 30 2p/10KB
DATA 1949 20 GB 60 2p/10KB


  • The MRP in the price band upto Rs.3 (+/-) of above price considering the technical feasibility may be done at the circle level.
  • DATA14 is instead of DATA17 in some states including kerala
  • The free data usage allowed is also applicable while in national roaming.
  • There May be plan DATA155 with 1G data for 30Days

Previous Updated : March 29 2014 ( Expired on 28 May 2014 )

BSNL Removed the Plan Rs.89 and Replace that with RS.98 Plan

Plan Code Bunldled Data Validity
DATA14 100 MB 3 days
DATA40 200 MB 7 days
DATA78 500 MB 15 days
DATA98 700 MB 21 days
DATA139 1GB 30 days
DATA252 2GB 30 days
DATA561 5GB 30 days
DATA1011 10GB 30 days
DATA821 7GB 60 days

To activate these plans you can go to a retailer or SMS plan code to 53733

DATA17(100 MB,2 days),DATA40(200 MB,7 days),DATA78(500 MB,15 days),DATA98(650 MB,21 days),DATA145(1GB,28 days),DATA252(2GB,30 days),DATA561(5GB,30 days),DATA1011(10GB,30 days),DATA821 7GB 60day

Eg. to activate Rs.139 offer SMS DATA139 to 53733

Wait for confirmation sms before using GPRS

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    1. BSNL is really cheap. I wish they upgrade their network speed in major cities.

    2. Not Working – Bsnl intenet code

    3. Not Working – I sent the code DATA145 to 53733 1 hours ago but still no confirmation message. PLease help me with the right code or help me to get rid of this i want to activate it through my balance

    4. Others – the confirmation code hasnt come ,,,@139 recharge

    5. Others – Could you please tell the codes for voice plans like STV 159 and which number to send ….like I have messeged VOICE159 to 53733 for STV159 but no response

    6. Not Working –

    7. these codes do not work.

    8. i am rechage 252 06-07-2014 but it will be not recharge done. mb-8547693707

    9. raghul udhayan

      there is any WhatsApp pack in tamil nadu

    10. internet plans are good .but 3g service is not in our area…all other operators have 3g services but bsnl dosent hav 3g

    11. after getting confirmation from BSNL ,I tried to use data card as usasual,but I found only that its not using data card I preferred rather its taking up my mobile balance instead.and also while checking balance I could not find any instance of Data Card been used.but my balance has been debited with necessary amount charged for data card.

    12. I am using BSNL 3G services in punjab

      awesome speed of internet and network coverage
      In all circles of PUNJAB



    13. Not Working – In Siliguri,West Bengal DATA17 to 53733 says invalid keyword. But only 2 datapack options are there i.e Rs 15 100MB 3G 3days and Rs 37 7days 240MB. So what to do?

    14. Question – do i need to put a space between DATA and 78? That is, should I say DATA78 or DATA 78?

    15. how did gprs pack activated

      what did you written is not right.

    16. its not working i tried to activate DATA155. i am from Rajasthan.

    17. how to i get net pack by msg in up west

    18. how can i recharge on line (through net banking) for netpack?

    19. Hi 2G is not working properly .By when it will be rectified ?

    20. Not Working – Have recharged for 14 rupees. But data pack is not getting activated. I ts my new bsnl number. For the first time I am activating data pack

    21. very slow net…

    22. Not Working – when i send a msg to 53733 it asks me to send it to 123 and when i send it to 123 it says dialed accesss code is wrong

    23. Not Working – i was switched from docomo to putting recharge in this way is not working on my number.

    24. i want to recharge data pack through USSD or SMS.
      Kindly tell me me how to recharge.
      I have used HELP DATA to 53733.
      But its did not work.

    25. Not Working – did not recive cofirmation message for data 14

    26. facebook and other sites are not open using bsnl internet in my mobile phone.

    27. i have balance. how to active data package in tamil nadu. please do the needful ur advice

    28. I have BSNL Postpaid connetion,i want to activate 1GB data plan for postpaid.please help me

    29. Hello sir Pls Request to BSNL CDMA Sim purchase for Contract Person Detail

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