Dial 155223 And Get Rid Of Useless Mobile Services

by Telecom Clue


Caller tunes, Bhakti sangeet and lots more being forced on mobile subscribers from operators have been source of irritation for the users and a revenue generation medium for the companies. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has finally come to your rescue.

Users complain about mistakenly subscribing to Value added services, which reflects in their monthly bill or prepaid expenses (balance). If you are fed up of them, all you need to do is dial 155223.

By dialing this number, users can register a complaint. If the complaint is registered on the number within 24 hours of VAS activation, the telecom operators is liable to refund the amount charged for the activation of the service to the customer. The same number is applicable for all telecom operators, reported PTI. This move has been jointly introduced by telecom operators on 2 February. The subscribers who would have used the VAS for over 24 hours, will not be eligible for a refund incase the deactivation is requested. The VAS will have to be deactivated within four hours of the complaint being registered.

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