Any one telling that they have low balance or you wish ti know your friends mobile Balance Here is a method for BSNL user.

Note : This facility is withdrawn By BSNL .

Step By Step Guide to know BSNL Prepaid Mobile Balance

Step 1 

Go to  :

Step 2 

Enter Your Friend’s BSNL Number and some EMail address there , and Click Submit


Step 3 :

Select Top Up Option there ( Any option will work , I am selecting top up option as example

06-11-2014004 06-11-2014005 06-11-2014003


Step 4 : Click Submit and You can See your Friend’s Balance  🙂


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  1. Not any more 🙁
    “Current Status :
    To Know the Balance Dial *123# from above mobile number”

    Dissapointing.. need a way to check balance from outside india..

  2. can’t possible check the BSNL balance in your portal, kindly fix the issue ASAP or else suggest how to find .. ?


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