After Nexus 7, now all eyes are on Google’s big screen tablet, Nexus 10! It is being widely reported in tech media that Samsung is working on next-generation Nexus 10 tablet. According to a report published in Wall Street Journal, Google is on its way to releasing Nexus 10 successor to join the all new Nexus 7.

While little is known about the specifications of the upcoming tablet, it is obvious that Google will give its specs a bump for sure. While screen size will remain the same, the company could be enhancing on the processor front along with other noticeable features.

In another news related to the topic, Google’s Sundar Pichai exclusively told WSJ that the company expects both its Chromecast and Nexus 7 to have an impressive sale. He said that both $35 Chromecast and $229.99 Nexus 7 will offer profit margins to the company. If not much, they will surely garner the attention of tech lovers across the world!


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