The Internet is full of reports from various social media sites that the Syrian Electronic Army has hacked TrueCaller, which is possibly the largest collaborative online phone directory. Just now, Syrian Electronic Army has posted a tweet that says that their TrueCaller website ( has been hacked.

“Sorry @Truecaller, we needed your database, thank you for it 🙂 #SEA #SyrianElectronicArmy” reads one of the Tweet.

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As reported by eHackingNews, the hackers got access to around 7 databases viz: truecaller_ugc(459GB), truecaller (100GB),truecaller_profiles( 4GB), truecaller_api(123KB), truecaller_PushMe(2.2KB), tc_admin(7MB), tc_www:(70MB). The main database of the directory is around 460 GB in size and that indicates that hackers now have access to a huge database with number records. The news has not been confirmed by the officials.

The hackers seem to have access to above one million Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail accounts which means they can now post to the hacked accounts as reported by eHackingnews. It’s also being reported that hackers got access to the admin panel of the website because it was using an outdated version of WordPress.


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