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Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault


Everyone, including us doesn’t appreciate the intrusion of anyone in our private bubble, even if it is our own family. It simply means we all have a natural inclination towards the protection of our private life. At present, whenever the terms privacy and security is concerned, no one can forget the need for those in on our own mobile phones. At times when friends snatch our phones to check our conversations with our dear ones in WhatsApp, we might feel like it would have been better if they were not able to read our exchanged texts. When we share our mobile with someone, there is a possibility for the exposure of our gallery or work related documents that we stored in our device. When we give our phone to children to play games, we might be worried if they accidently delete any data or change any important settings of our mobile.

To avoid situations like that, we all prefer a lock to those Apps that we feel is absolutely confidential and needs protection. Keeping all this in mind, Hexlock which is an app lock comes with a motive to protect our privacy and ensure security for all our Apps.

Hexlock Password setup

For this, we need to set up a password with a PIN, pattern or unique fingerprint which will work as our shield for privacy for those Apps that we selected for protection. There is an option to choose which all apps we need a lock right now and once the lock is on; from next time the user need to give the selected PIN or pattern to get an entry to that App.


Hexlock app selection

Using this App protector, we can protect our Gallery, SMS, Call log, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp and any other important Apps.


Hexlock also promises parental control which means we no more need to be concerned about children changing settings when they use our phone.


hexlock profiles

This customizable app locker for Android has upto six unique profiles like Work, Home, Party, Café, Parental and School to cover every situation. Hexlock also provides a Media Vault to keep our selected picture and video files safe in a locked gallery vault which only the owner can open. This Media Vault can prevent the unauthorized access to our personal files and importing files into the vault is a quick process. Without the unique Hexlock password one can never access the contents of the vault.

Hexlock settings

Hexlock has a customizable lock screen which means we can select a color or use any image from our gallery as the lock screen background. It also has a setting to prevent others from uninstalling Hexlock and accessing locked apps or media files. The simplicity in handling this App lock also demands appreciation. Hexlock provides us a piece of mind through which we feel much more comfortable and secured in lending our device to any of our dear and near ones. In brief, Hexlock is a reasonable app locker and in one way or another we all are in much need of it.



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