Gift Talk Time Facility is a new facility by which we can transfer our talktime to friends with BSNL within same circle, with some limits. This offer is already with some providers

How to Transfer Talktime using Gift Talk Time Facility

Registers  First 

  1.  To register, send SMS with keyword “register ptop” to toll free short code 54455.
  2.  After registering, following SMS will be sent by the C-TOPUP Platform to the subscriber from short code 54455:- “Dear subscriber, registration for ptop is successful. Password is “HGFBD”. 

How to Transfer Talktime

  1. For transferring talk time send “Gift <no> <amt> <password>” to short code 54456. (SMS charges Rs 2/-)
    Eg: Gift 94xxxx 50 pwd
  2. The amount will be transferred of our balance is enough else show an error

De Register , Change Password , Forgot Password 

  1. To de-register, subscriber is required to send SMS with keyword “deregister ptop” to toll free short code 54455.
  2. To change password SMS  “Change ptop password ABCDEF to GHIJKL repeat GHIJKL”  to 54455
  3. If you forgot the password , Try to register again , it will sent your current password

Terms & Conditions

  1. Max Amount 200 , Min amount 10  / Transaction .
  2. Can only transfer as multiple of 1o
  3. You can use facility Max 5 time Per month


Tested in Kerala Circle : Comment if its working on your circle too.


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  1. 1.Register your mobile number by sending sms from your mobile as REGISTER PTOP TO 54455. Then you will get a password.
    2.Send SMS as GIFT(space)Mobilenumber(space)amount(space)password to 54456.
    SMS charges Rs.3 and service charges Rs.3 or 10% of your transaction amount.
    Min transfer amount 10.
    Ex.If you transact 100 then Rs.13 is the charge.


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