Newbies Guide to Uninstalling Safari with Movavi Mac Cleaner


Not everyone like to use Safari browser even though it is a powerful web browser. If you no longer use Safari browser, you should uninstall it so that there won’t be annoying pop up asking you to set it as a default browser. Apple did not provide any uninstaller for Safari in Mac computers because they don’t want you to uninstall it. If you don’t have any use for Safari browser, you can safely uninstall it with a Mac cleaner software. Movavi Mac Cleaner is equipped with the technology to enable you to safely uninstall all kinds of OS X apps including Safari without leaving a single file behind after the uninstallation.

To uninstall Safari, you must first download an activate the license for Movavi Mac Cleaner. When Movavi Mac Cleaner is launched, it will attempt to scan your computer. You can’t skip the scanning so you have to wait for a few minutes until the scan is complete. When the scan is complete, it will tell you whether your computer hard disk needs cleaning. You should skip the step of deleting the temporary files and go straight to the Uninstaller. In the Uninstaller, you will find the Safari app in the OS X Apps tab. The OS X Apps is the middle tab.

The apps are not arranged in alphabetical listing by default so it can be hard to spot the app when you just scroll down the list. To make it easier for you to spot the Safari app, you can arrange the apps alphabetically by using the menu on the top right corner. You can click on the up/down arrow to switch the arrangement option to Sort by Name. After sorting the apps by name, you can scroll down and look for S in the first initial letter of the app to locate the Safari app. When you have located Safari app, you must click on the left side so that the small check box will be ticked. You can then click on the Remove button to uninstall Safari browser from your computer.

You can select multiple apps under the same tab to have them uninstalled conveniently at one time. It will show the number of applications being selected in the lower left corner. The space freed let you know the total size of space you can claim back if all the apps are uninstalled successfully from your computer. All kinds of OS X apps can be uninstalled with Movavi Mac Cleaner including calculator, FaceTime, Image Capture, iMovie, QuickTime Player, iPhoto Booth, Chess and etc.


There are another two tabs including User Apps and Leftover tabs. User Apps refer to apps you install yourself while the Leftovers tab lists the leftover files that remain on your computer when you fail to uninstall it successfully. Having leftover files on your computer can prevent it from functioning properly so you should delete them. It can be hard to locate the leftover files on your own. Movavi Mac Cleaner allows you to easily find these files under the Leftover tab in the Uninstaller.



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  1. Open the Uninstaller menu and wait for the software to identify all the apps on your Mac. After a short while, you will see three submenus: User Apps, OS X Apps, and Leftovers. To uninstall Safari, open the OS X Apps submenu. Check the box next to the Safari icon on the list and click Remove.

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