Sarahah will reveal user identity if required, says app creator Tawfiq


A month ago, a Saudi Arabia developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq introduced the world to an anonymous messaging app named sarahah which allows you to send messages to anyone you want without the recipient knowing who the sender is. Sarahah app’s craze is continuing unabated. From teens to youngsters everyone seems to be hooked to it. The app is reportedly among the most downloaded apps both on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. After some early success, a few cases of cyber bullying and hateful messages were reported from all over the world.

Sarahah’s anonymous nature is under the scanner. Some reports making rounds on the internet claim that the app may reveal everyone’s secret identity. Ever since such reports started to appear on the web, people are scared. They are looking forward to somehow delete their Sarahah account and remove all data or messages that they have sent out to others. But, sadly, something that has gone out on the internet once can never be removed.

Sarahah is not end-to-end encrypted like WhatsApp. This means messages sent out via WhatsApp will never be revealed at any given cost. Well, the scene isn’t the same with it.

Sarahah will reveal the message sender’s identity only if you don’t follow the terms and condition of the application. This is not a baseless assumption. The app creator himself confirmed this.


However, itscreator assures that the app is built with strict privacy policy to some extent. In their privacy policy Sarahah website mentions, “Sarahah won’t disclose the identity of the logged-in senders to users except with their consent.”

Basically, if there are violations of law and order, Sarahah will reveal the identity of the sender. “You can also read the terms and conditions of privacy policy regarding disclosure of information which clearly mentions to never reveal the senders’ identity without his/her consent. But, if a sender violates the rules and regulations of the app, or some other similar incident we may be forced to reveal the details of the sender,” notes Sarahah creator.

Sarahah users who are using the app just for fun and casual confessions, can go ahead and use the app with no fear. However, if you’re misusing the app, you should really think before doing it the next time, or be ready to face strict consequences.



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