Asus confirmed about the launching of zenfone 2 series phones. Zenfone 2 is the successor to the zenfone series – zenfone 4, zenfone 5, and zenfone 6.  The plan is to introduce it in next year at CES 2015.

CEO of ASUS revealed that the second chip supplier will help Asus to produce affordable ZenFone 2 handsets priced at as low as NTD 4,990 (Rs. 10,000 approximately). But he declined to say the name of second chip maker. It is revealed that the ZenFone 2 series powered by Intel chipsets and supporting 4G LTE will start at NTD 9,990 (Rs. 20,000 approximately).

Considering the current price range of current ZenFone series smartphones in India, we assume that its successors will be priced on the higher side.

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