BSNL DATA PLANS WITH PRBT | Personalized Ring Back Tone


BSNL offers tons of internet plans for mobile prepaid users. 3G plans are most sought after as BSNL lacks 4G. Lets evaluate some of bsnl data plans or packs offered during this month.

Lately 3G plans which offer both Data and PRBT have become more popular. PRBT means Personalized Ring Back Tone. You can get a personalized ring back tone for your number for free when using certain BSNL prepaid data plans. These BSNL net packs offers user both data and a free dialer tone. These plans also have different validities depending on the type of plans. The validity usually range from 28 days to sometimes 80+ days.

STV 198 – 1.5GB/day – 28 Days Validity

The data STV 198 plan is probably the best BSNL net pack for monthly users. This plan offers 28 days of internet data at 1.5 GB per day. Usage beyond 1.5 GB will be charged an additional 3 paisa per 10 KiloBytes . Essentially with this plan get you a total of 42GB data for 28 days and you will also get a free PRBT as mentioned before. However, for some regions the STV MRP may be different so To Check STV MRP for your circle Please check circle website or call 1503.

STV 549 – 2 GB/day – 60 Days Validity

Sometimes looking after a monthly plan can become tedious and there are countless times when we forget to renew our plan and end up spending a lot of money without knowing about it. As a result, it’s always better to choose a plan with a longer validity. For such users BSNL net pack also has some of validity of 60 days which is approximately 2 months. For 549 indian rupees you get STV 549 plan that gives 60 days of internet at 2 GB per day. Additional usage charges are same as previous plans.You will also get a free PRBT as mentioned before. This plan is great for users who want longer validity and have lots of data usage every day. At 2 GB per day you essentially get a total of 120 GB of data usage for 60 Days.


STV 561 – 1GB/day- 80 Days Validity

Suppose you don’t want 2GB per day and your daily usage doesn’t go above 1GB per day. This can be the case for casual net users and if you are only using a hand full of apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram only in your phone. For such users, BSNL provides 1 GB per day plan that has a very long validity of 80 days. From this plan you will get 80 GB of data for 80 days. This BSNL net pack is ideal for whatsapp and facebook users. If you are also using Youtube then STV 549 plan might be better suited. You will also get a free PRBT as mentioned before.

Final verdict

These are some of the plans that offer PRBT as well as data for users. We have looked at plans from 28 days validity to 80 days validity. Almost all plans will offer at least 1 GB per day and all these plans are a good choice for you if you have great coverage in your region. It is always best to try out a small plan first to check if you have good coverage in your home before upgrading to a higher plan. As always, the above-mentioned prices can vary from region to region so be sure to check with your Service provider if these plans are available in your region before making recharge. Hope you found these plans helpful.


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