Voice and Data

Customer Care Number of All Providers


BSNL : 1503 ( Toll Free )

Idea : 458

Aitel : 121

Tata Docomo : 121 ( Toll Free )


Vodafone : 111

Aircel : 121

Uninor : 121

Reliance : *333 or *222


Complaint Helpline All Connections : 198 ( Toll free )


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  1. I’m currently living in the USA. When I moved to the area I live , Comcast was the only cable, non-dish provider. I have Comcast HD cable,phone and internet. When AT&T U-verse came to my are, several people told me that I should switch to AT&T for my cable/internet/phone package. So, I went to the AT&T store to find out more about it.

    I was offered a great deal. Much cheaper, for the same package that I have with Comcast. Signing the deal gave me immediate store credit of $250.00. So, I took the deal. I couldn’t save the store credit, it had to be spent immediately. So I got a new mobile phone and Accessories. 🙂

    It was 11 days before a tech could come out and install the cable. I had to take the day off work in order to be there when he arrived. When he did, he said that the signal was not Strong enough. He said that he would call ANOTHER tech, who did nt do installation, but could fix the signal.

    The new tech arrived 3 hours later. He said that the signal didn’t actually go to my area, but that he had tried to re-route it. When the installation tech came back, we would see if the signal worked.

    I had to make another appointment for the installation tech.

    One week later, the installation tech returns. I have to take anther day off of work for this. After abut 5 minutes he tells me that the signal is still not right. He will call for the signal tech AGAIN and then I will have to make a THIRD appointment and miss a THIRD day of work for the installation tech to return a THIRD time to attempt to connect my cable.

    So, the signal tech arrives and tells me that he cannot tell if the signal is working because the installation tech has not left a signal box (and didn’t last time) for him to be able to see if the signal works. Thus, the third appointment will probably be in vain.

    apparently, the two techs cannot be at the same place at the same time. This would solve everything. But, it’s just not possible. Something to do with “the AT&T system” which appears to have been designed by the three stooges.

    So, I am upset by all of this and I call AT&T to see if this can be sorted out. Perhaps they CAN both be at my home at the same time. Perhaps The installation tech could leave the signaling box for the signaling tech to use. You know, something logical.

    I get on the phone. After 90minutes of being routed to operators all around the planet, repeating my phone number and details and telling my story over and over; I give up for the day.

    First thing in the morning, I go back to the AT&T store. I am loathe t take another pointless day off from work. I am wondering if I can’t give-up and just stic with Comcast, they never did this crap.
    I then learn that if I d quit I will have to pay back the store credit.
    IN FACT,even if I let them try a hundred times, and they cannot get a signal in my area (bearing in mind that they were advertising that they did) they will STILL want the store credit money back, even though it is not my fault, but their own failure to check for a signal in an area before signing up it’s residents! WTF! So,if I quit AT&T,it will cost me $250.00 and three days wages, for nothing. I’m stuck. This has taken so long,I can’t even return the merchandise.

    They called customer care from the shop and I am on their phone for 45 minutes. I get no help and only confirm my worries. There are no techs available on any of my days off of work for a month,so I am forced to take another day off. Paramedics schedule in advance,this is not cool.

    I am quite sure that this next visit from the installation tech will be a failure, because the signal was not checked,just like the time before.

    What a huge mistake. Is there anything I can do? What’s going on with AT&T?

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