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Daily 5 SMS limit comes into effect


To check spread of rumours which has led to exodus of northeastern peoplefrom certain states, government banned from today bulk SMSes and MMSes for 15 days across the country.

“We have banned bulk SMSes and MMSes for 15 days,” Union Home Secretary RK Singh told PTI.

The decision was taken after reports of widespread circulation of SMSes and MMSes containing misleading information about Assam violence, threats to people of northeastern origin living in other parts of the country and doctored videos.

The Home Ministry has asked Department of Telecommunications to implement the order through the telecom operators.


From today onwards, no one will be able to send more than 5 SMSes in one go and more than 20 KB of data through mobile phones during the ban period. Though the limit on SMS is on bulk messages, some operators have reportedly levied this cap on person-to-person SMSes as well.

The ban came into force after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that spread of rumours by miscreants had led to people belonging to the north east to flee from Bangalore, Pune and some other parts of the country.

Noting that the guilty should be brought to book, the Prime Minister said that at stake was not just unity and integrity of the country, but also communal harmony.

“Any miscreant fanning rumours should be brought to book,” he said.


Source : Time Of India 

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Update :  As Per Govt. Restrictions the Daily 5 sms limit is now extended to 30th August 2012 .



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  1. Why common peoples r paying for dis??sms limit is not a right decision.Govt must take another meaningful action

  2. Well first of all we not bf gf but very close to each other..we study at the same place but different hometown.i do think he likes me more then a fren from the things tht he did for me but im not positively sure bout it..we chatted online everyday without a miss and went out for lunches daily.we seldom call/sms each other now hes back in his hometown and unfortunately theres no internet connection..its been 3 days and there is zero sms/call from him..does tht mean he doesnt care for me? tht he just treat me as a fren and im reading all the wrong signs..anybody any advise?

  3. I know that they store the actual content of the message for 3-5 days. It’s accessible online by account holders. I was wondering if there is any way to prevent this, or at least to prevent the message content from being accessible. Thanks.

  4. Hi! You have sent 5 SMS today. As per Govt. guidelines, you can,t send more outgoing person to person SMS today. Your SMS services will be resumed post Midnight. This was the most ever heard rule by the Indian Government (TRAI), This news has been, rounds since July this year but it’s finally confirmed on the 18th August 2012. From today you can’t send more than 5 SMS to a person, and it has been a Person to person Restriction Policy.

    What do you people think of this new rule by TRAI? Is it really good to restrict people to send only 5 sms a day? I just wish this kind of stupid rules vanish soon.
    Hi abhi, what is that so called north eastern people’s getting scared? I am not aware of this news. what is it about?

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