Hysteria around the flappy bird appeared reached a fever pitch in the iPhone 5 allegedly with the game to sell on eBay for $ 94,000 (£ 57.300).

Now, however, disappeared from the record auction web site, without explanation or approve the purchase went through.There are rumors of the goods have been removed from the list on eBay, violated its rules, but it is still not confirmed.

Players seemed to want to get your hands on a 16GB smartphone loaded with flappy bird after the mobile game has taken an indefinite period of time his creator on Sunday. Interest has been strong from the beginning, the competition for 1 hour, with users, offering $ 7,000 in a couple of hours. Flappy bird, which includes the main bird over the green pipe, no longer available for download but there are millions of people who already had it. On Sunday, New iPhone game download proposal attracted £ 400 on eBay.


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