Kings Broadband

Kings Broadband with 20Mbps uncapped broadband internet in less than Rs. 2000 !


Updated Plans : New Plans Update 

Kings Broadband is one the newest Broadband providers in Kerala. Now they have launched new exciting plans for home users starting at just Rs.633 with 4 Mbps unlimited broadband upto 20 Mbps Unlimited broadband for Rs. 1898 . Their Rs. 633 plan is more than enough for a normal household. If you need the full 20Mbps , go for RS. 1898 Plan.

The Plans for Kings Broadband are as follows



The service is usually distributed via Cable TV network operators just like Railwire. Since the King’s connects your home via fiber cable , first time cost will be approx. Rs.6200 (Including ONT[Optical network terminal] and WiFi router). Contact your cable TV operator and see whether it’s available in your area. Upload speeds are normally half the download speed .

How much time it will take to download a 700MB movie (approx. at full speed)

Download speed Download time in minutes
1 Mbit/s 01:37:52
2 Mbit/s 00:48:56
4 Mbit/s 00:24:28
8 Mbit/s 00:12:14
10 Mbit/s 00:09:47
20 Mbit/s 00:04:53
80 Mbit/s 00:01:13
100 Mbit/s 00:00:58


If you are taking new connection please bear in mind that it need one ONT[Optical network terminal]  and WiFi router to get it working for your wifi enabled devices .


You can get wifi routers from Amazon (Link) .

Speed Test Results (With 20Mbps Plan)

Curious how it works ?  Here is a video .


BTB KINGS FUP 100GB 2Mbps ,  BTB KINGS FUP 1000GB 4Mbps- 180 Days, BIB KINGS FUP 1000GB 4Mbps- 360 Days , BTB KINGS FUP 50GB 10Mbps, BTB KINGS FUP 100GB 10Mbps , BTB KINGS FUP 1200GB , 0Mbps 360 Days , BTB KINGS FUP 50GB 20Mbps , BTB KINGS FUP 100GB 20Mbps , New SPL Home Plan 4Mb UL ABC KLS, New SPL Home Plan _8Mb UL ABC KLS , New SPL Home Plan 10Mb UL ABC KLS , New SPL Home Plan 20Mb UL ABC KLS


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