Even though the time is very bad for Samsung products due to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Issue , they the might be preparing the new S8 , successor in the Samsung Galaxy S series smart phones. There is this new rumor that the phone equipped with 6GB of RAM and 128GB Internal Memory. The S8 is supposed to have much-anticipated Snapdragon 835 CPU. The mmddj_china on twitter is claiming that there will be two version, 64GB with 4GB of RAM and 123Gb with 6 GB of RAM. He also states that there will not be a 258GB/8GB version.


Even though there is a 128GB/8GB version, the only ones to hit the Europe and North America on initial release will be 4GB/64GB version. The 128GB/6GB version is supposed to be released on South Korea, China and few others, the Chinese and korean versions are supposed to be only with 6GB RAM according to mmddj_china.



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