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What’s Wrong With Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD?


When Kindle Fire HD tablet was launched recently, the world saw in anticipation. The launch event had everyone going gaga over the way Amazon was changing the dynamics of the hardware industry. However, now that some time has passed, the real deal is out for everyone to see. There are two grey areas in the tablet that are fast catching attention of everyone.

Well, the first one of the two is the ads on the tablet, which are being called as Special Offers by Amazon. These annoying ads started appearing first in Kindle e-readers last year and have now been extended to the Fire tablet as well. What’s more? Unlike Apple, this does not even allows you to disable them, even if you are willing to pay extra. With Kindle e-readers, you could actually pay $20 to get rid of the menace.

This fact was clearly overlooked at the Amazon press conference, however, the official spokesperson has now mentioned about ways to disable ads on Kindle Fire HD tablets. An official spokesperson later said that, “With Kindle Fire HD, there will be a special offers opt-out options for $15.” However, it is still not live on the page.

Secondly, the default search engine on Kindle Fire HD tablets is Bing now. It is worth mentioning here that Google was the default search engine on the original Kindle Fire. According to an online report, there is no word on whether we can manually change the default search engine in settings, but it is unlikely if Amazon has signed a deal with Microsoft, and consumers would have to manually open Google and use it if they want.


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