You Can Run Linux On Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet!


When Microsoft showcased its first tablet Surface Pro running on Windows 8, the world was excited by what the device offered. The tablet is lightweight and the additional keyboard loaded made the Surface Pro, a perfect laptop-replacement. No matter how optimistic Microsoft was, one cannot deny that Windows 8 device did not receive the expected response. In a bid to attract more consumers towards the tablet PC, Microsoft has clarified that the tablet can run any operating system. It means that Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet PC can run Android and Linux too. Yes you read it correct. So, if you are impressed by the hardware specifications of the tablet, you can try it out with your favourite Linux-based operating system as well.

Microsoft, which was uncomfortable in talking about any Linux-related matter seems to have let the cat out of its cage by confirming that the company’s first tablet could actually run Linux operating system. The same was said by Microsoft’s VP Panos Panay and the Surface engineering team during a Reddit session, wherein a Reddit user had asked about the possibility of running other OS on Surface Pro and how?

The question user asked was, “For the Surface Pro….is the boot loader unlocked? Can I do what I want with my (potential) property? Or am I locked in to Windows 8?” This query was answered by the VP and Surface team in a rather interesting manner. They said, “Like other Windows 8 machines, you can access BIOS settings and turn off secure boot, enabling you to load other OSes.”

It means that users can load other OSes on Surface Pro tablet just like it can be done in other Windows 8 machines. All one needs to do is access the BIOS settings and turn the Secure Boot off, which allows the device to be loaded with any other OS and that includes Linux. We are hoping that this revelation can help Microsoft sell its tablets.


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